Why, school? Why?

I'm still alive. (That makes me think of Portal.) School is kind of starting to kick my butt a little bit, so that's why I haven't been posting much. That, and there's the fact that I'm just not doing a whole lot of interesting stuff.

Halloween was meh. I was a flapper and I went to a party with people dressed as a hobo, a sailor, and field workers, respectively. It was fun, nothing to write home about. Basically the highlight of the last few weeks for me has been the Giants winning the World Series! Obviously that makes me very, very happy.

I've been very busy with extracurriculars in addition to my classes. I've been busy reporting for the school newspaper and editing articles.

This game was lame and I ended up not even writing a story about it. Boring soccer is... boring.

I like this picture from a couple of weeks ago. My friend and I both have trusty gray Vans. Both pairs are pretty worn and don't look the best, but when we want to go out and about, they're our go-to kicks. And I think that's pretty sick.

The highlight of the last few weeks has undoubtedly been my brother coming out for a visit. We had a blast playing card games (that I still don't understand), hanging out with my friends, and exploring campus. He was a good sport about putting up with it all, but I think deep down he did have fun!

Now, time for meetings. It never ends! College is finally starting to feel like college!

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  1. haha, i know what you mean. college is a blast until you're like, "oh no, i have a LOT of work to do..." haha!

    good luck, dear :) lovely blog!

    xox, amber